Help Your Kitchen Prepare It Better

Help Your
Prepare It

Imagine if your kitchen staff had extra time.

Your back-of-house operations has likely become more efficient over time, but what if we had a few more tricks up our sleeve you could use?

Whether it’s wage pressures or just the desire for more customization on your menu, our ready-to-use culinary toppings are your secret weapon. Just open the bag and serve.


Still making croutons from day-old bread? We help operators switch from scratch croutons to ready-to-use artisan croutons. You can still offer a classic homemade salad topping without the extra labor (and your secret is safe with us!)

Handhelds (burgers, sandwiches, wraps)

Free-up your fryer! Our crunchy toppings and crispy veggies deliver flavor and crunch that sets your burgers and sandwiches apart.

Not only do our toppings add value by elevating menu items, they are ready-to-use right out of the bag, with convenient shelf-stable storage.


Easily add unique flavors to your pasta dishes with toppings such as our ready-to-use ultimate sundried tomato topper. Since the oils and seasonings have already been blended with California tomatoes, it’s a fool-proof way to add cravable flavor with no extra labor.


Garnish your soups with 100% baked cheese crisps. They add instant value for just pennies per serving (allowing you to charge more!)

Premium status dishes are no longer just for fine dining. Our shelf-stable toppings make labor-intensive menu items accessible to all.

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