Make It Better With Unique Ingredients

Make It Better
With Unique

When you need that little something special to set your dishes apart.

Looking to add a trendy twist to one of your best-selling menu items? Or needing to eliminate the veto-vote and offer vegetarian or vegan options to your guests?

Our premium ingredients, dairy-free milk, and cocktail garnishes range from classic to trend-setting.

Premium Products

Because ‘specialty at scale’ does exist. A tomato dried under the California sun or a craft cheese from Wisconsin helps your dishes stand out.

Farm-fresh quality not only means something to your guests, it’s how the family-run businesses we work with insist on operating. Visit Traina Foods

Dairy-free Alternatives

‘Insanely delicious’ is the taste standard for our plant-based milk. This is because the best almonds make the best almondmilk.

Let us help you with ingredients that will keep your menu exciting and delicious, while being dairy-free.

Visit Almond Breeze

Bar Condiments

Since we eat (and drink) with our eyes, cocktail garnishes do more than add aromatics and flavor. Unique garnishes heighten visual appeal. They serve as inspiration to bring a cocktail to life.

Exceptional garnishes lead to exceptional drinks.


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