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Boost Customer Confidence in the To-Go Food They Enjoy.

With off-premise dining continuing in a big way, better solutions to filling soufflé cups with condiments is needed. Not only does pre-portioned packaging boost customer confidence regarding safety, it also frees up labor.

Luckily Sugar Foods is really good a putting ‘little things’ in ‘little packets’…which happens to make our products prefect for off-premise dining.


Pizza and delivery go hand-in-hand, but Operators used to serving wood-fired pizzas and gourmet options in their stores should consider including reheating instructions for delivery or to-go. While most pies taste their best fresh out of the oven, guests at home want to be educated on reheating to maximize quality.

To communicate food safety and save prep time, it is important to include crushed red pepper and parmesan cheese packet with every order, instead of relying of filling soufflé cups back of house as these are essential pizza add-ons.


To ensure guests have the experience they've come to expect from dining in restaurants, keep crunchy toppings such as crispy onions or crispy jalapeños on your gourmet burger listings - just serve them in pre-portioned pouches for guests to customize their entree at home.


Salads work great as to-go items since they can be prepped in advance and do not need to be kept warm or frozen during delivery. Offer a variety of fresh salad options your guests already love by using a bed of lettuce and changing the topping and dressings. Dressing and crunchy toppings should always be on the side, allowing the guests to customize at home.


Soup is a profitable item, where it is included in a lunch combo or offered as a dinner comfort food. With so many favoring soup, it's worth keeping on your limited to-go menu. House made soups are a great way to use ingredients that may have fallen off the full menu or are overstocked.

Make sure soup is packaged for a quality experience at home. Use insulated to-go cups as well as placing the soup in insulated delivery bags. Toppings or garnishes should be packed separately, to ensure ingredients such as croutons or cheese crisps don't get soggy on the way. Single serve pouches of toppings convey safety to your guests and ease labor prep in the kitchen.

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